Marlena Jabłońska,

Sometimes death makes an appearance during life. Even if blood is circulating in the veins and an acquired blush is still on the face, there are traces of death. This death manifests itself slowly, cleverly, it does not give any forewarning, it does not allow us to get prepared. It lurks nearby, until suddenly it strikes, causing terror, panic, impotence, and finally acceptance of the new situation. Documentation remains as a warning. Simple, calm shots evoke anxiety and fear, because although this is not a kind of certain death, it is certainly a painful and pointless existence that reminds one of sleepless sleep. It is the story of a world that can happen. A world from our imaginations, dreams, a real one, external, internal. You can always change it, distort and adjust it, you just need a bit of faith and strong will. And some happiness, which, as experience shows, does not always depend on us.

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