Dagna Nippe, Polish Hunter

The rhythm of the heart leads us through life. More, faster, stronger. People, events, feelings. More often, higher, deeper. Discoveries, ambitions, attainments. With time it ceases to keep up, there’s a bit of arrhythmia, heart murmurs. It increasingly weakens, gives up, disappears. Or it stops straight away without warning. My father smelled of wet forest and grease for cleaning his rifle. He loved the animals he later killed. And he always disappeared when he was needed most. Till the very end. This is a story about the world of primitive manhood. Full of domination, cruelty and reinforcing of the male image. Collections of antlers, weapons, women, pelts, uniforms, catalogues of medals, hats and his own portraits – these are trophies that bear witness to strength, control and victory. Above all, over himself. Everything is primitively real here. The meat of a wild animal, the power over life and death, and a love for the forest all create an archetypal journey to the coveted Land of Eternal Hunts.

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